Recalculating My Collections

Rearranging the furniture

I found this plaster objet at the Dollarama today. I can’t imagine how the discount boutique ended up importing ancient Egyptian-style statue of Horus protecting a pharaoh so I figured I better grab one just in case it was a one-off (I still regret the day I left some Michael Graves Design for Target mixing bowls on the shelf only to return the next day to find them gone, never to return).

The issue was, where would I put this little figurine? With this purchase I realized that there is no more room at the inn. I’ve also been purging all week because it’s time to reconfigure our living room/work space. I bought a sewing machine and need a place to set it up. And we’re having the neighbours over for a latke party on the 18th so we best get to downsizing so that we can use our dining table as a place to entertain (it’s doing double duty as a desk at the moment.)

We already had a lot of sculpture and decorative art when we moved in. A lot of ceramics are still in storage. I had promised myself that I would rotate the collections but I haven’t. So tonight I decided to move some things around while incorporating the new pharaoh. Here are a couple of combinations. Not sure which direction I will go in quite yet. In

I then spent a bit of time researching rugs. The moths got at age old carpet so it’s going to the curb (hopefully someone who knows repairs or wants to upcycle it can use it). I saw that Iris Apfel has designed a collection for Ruggable and I fell in love with this witty zebra throw on a Persian carpet concept. Maybe I will just sell half of my art finance the purchase. Because rugs really do pull a room together.