I Should Be Sleeping

Midnight Confessions

Earlier this week I did another BUNZ trade. On one hand, trades mean not spending money. On the other hand, I’m still acquiring stuff, which is not good. Also in the negative column is the fact that the item I traded for is a knock off of a clear vinyl purse that was all the rage for a brief moment in the 1990s.

After my swap, I stopped off at the Value Village. Like my late Uncle Cocky, I have taken up shopping as a way to get my steps in during the winter. There were many amazing things that I did not buy. But I can never say no to certain labels and Tilley Endurables made with Liberty of London fabric is one of them.

What are the other names I always buy? Even if they don’t fit? Eileen Fischer, Marimekko, Swatch, Pendleton, and, apparently, fake Hermès.

I also got this domed brass bracelet. It’s unmarked but the hardware and style screams 1940s made in Mexico to me. It’s also a bit battered but I love its clunkiness. It will look so good with a stack of wood bangles!