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Resolutions Week: Art

Purple power!

Find of the Year: Kenojuak Ashevak “Talking Birds”

The best thing I bought this year.

2013 In Review: Art

Visual art highlights.

Rob Collinet Totem

Blue man. Happy man.

Freebie Friday: Shearling, Shears and Fears

Going on a walkabout

Art of the Dolder

Swiss gold.

Fisherman Friend

Cap’n Crush

Freebie Friday: Free Blanche

Souvenirs of Nuit Blanche

I Found an Art: Vintage Pen and Ink Shoe Illustration

I’ve always admired old fashion illustrations — from the fancy washes of a Joe Eula watercolour for Halston to the more humble gouache made for catalogues or prototypes. But I have always admired… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Kenojuak Ashevak Silkscreen Talking Birds

A fabulous art find!

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