Fourth Day of Christmas

Four shell cameos.

Best of 2010: Favourite Tops

While I love the vintage, sometimes I actively seek out new things. These are my three favourites. From left to right: Rodarte for Target net blouse (I know it was from December 2009,… Continue reading

Third Day of Christmas

Three hardstone brooches.

Top Five Finds of 2010

A quick review of some of my favourite Thrift Club finds, including the Victorian Slide Mesh Bracelet, (pictured above) that I got in the fall but am only sharing here for the first… Continue reading

Second Day of Christmas

Two Irish Bijoux.

First Day Of Christmas

A coral and cannetille ring.

What I Believe about Bracelets

I believe that if you are going to wear more than one bangle, that you should wear no less than three bangles, preferably five.

Miss Chatelaine

In olden times, ladies didn’t have pockets in their dresses. So the wore chatelaines — a clip or large brooch with chains and hooks to could hold various gew gaws that a woman… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Monsters of Modernism Charm Bracelet

Charm number two of my planned Monsters of Modernism charm bracelet has arrived. It’s Toronto City Hall by Finnish architect Viljo Revell.

Onwards and Upwards With the Arts and Crafts

For me, the holy grail of jewellery design is finding pieces from the Arts & Crafts era. I got this glass and silver brooch in a lot at a recent Waddington’s auction. It… Continue reading

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