My Spooky Wook: Now With More Snake

Just so you know, I traded in the rings that I found at the CAFTCAD sale for this cool, diamond-eyed snake ring. I couldn’t fight the overpowering snake theme of this week. Even… Continue reading

My Spooky Wook: Snakes

I have a bit of a collection of snake-themed jewellery. Enough that I have a whole jewellery box dedicated to all things serpentine. Pictured above are the two oldest pieces in my snake… Continue reading

My Spooky Wook: Eerie Accessories

I have written about this before, but if you have even the slightest proclivity toward Gothness, now is the time to stock up on accessories and makeup for the rest of the year.… Continue reading

I Spended Way Too Much Money Today

Why do I spend so much energy shopping for vintage in thrift shops (and sidewalks)? I am dedicated to the idea of recycling and upcycling as a way to reduce waste and I… Continue reading

My Committment to Sparkle Motion

Forgive the craptacular pictures, but I just had to share the fantastic jewels I got at the CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale. I am particularly enamoured of the look of vintage 9ct chain (it’s… Continue reading

Silver Art Deco Basse-Taille Marcasite Flower Brooch

Remember the basse-taille butterflies I posted about yesterday? The brooch pictured above is a different example of basse-taille work. It’s marked “KV 800” (800 is the fineness of the silver out of 1000… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Hroar Prydz Norway Butterfly Tie Tack and Brooch

I found this pretty little tie tack (pictured above) at the Sally Ann in Southampton last September. It is by Norwegian silversmith Hroar Prydz (what a name!). These basse-taille butterflies were insanely popular… Continue reading

Do Over: Frame Your Wallpaper

Yesterday, I hung wallpaper for the first time in my life. I papered our bathroom in the vintage fairy print I found at the Value Village a month ago. It was quite a… Continue reading

More Cocktails

I thought I’d share a few more oversized rings before I retire them during mitt season. The one above is gold and synthetic amethyst. The one below is a Russian silver and amber… Continue reading

Sidewalk Finds and Other Free Stuff

The streets are once again paved with free stuff. I’ve actually been avoiding bringing home things I find on the street for a couple of reasons: I already have too much stuff and… Continue reading

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