1895 Wedgwood Cameo Ring

Most people think of tableware when they thing of the pottery concern that Josiah Wedgwood started 1759. But the company, over the years, also produced plaques and medallions that were often turned into… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: Touched By The Hand of Noel Fielding

We (AK and I) met Noel Fielding at Just For Laughs Toronto. I went up, introduced myself and Andrew. I said we were big fans and then I said “That is all.” What… Continue reading

I’ve Been Airbrushed!

On Tuesday, I had my first ever experience with airbrushed makeup. I was getting headshots taken by the lovely and talented photographer Alexis Finch, with makeup by the lovely and talented Jeannine Charles… Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Ring In The World

This Edwardian rock crystal and (maybe) sapphire 14K white gold ring is now officially the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have. I have searched the internet over and have not found its… Continue reading

Find Of The Month: Edwardian 10K Seed Pearl Bar Pin

I found so many fabulous things in June that it was very hard to come up with just one Find of the Month. But this pretty little bar pin wins because: 1. I… Continue reading

My Oldest Bijou: Georgian Pearl and Paste Ring

I am by no means an accredited antique jewellery appraiser, but my research leads me to believe that the ring pictured above is from the late Georgian (1714 and 1830) or Regency period.… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Wounded Loon

First let me say that the only reason I’ve been frequenting the Value Village and Salvation Army this week is to drop off donations. I am trying to be getting rid of things,… Continue reading

Why Dive Watches Are So Cool

Check out my vintage deep sea diving watch collection. Aren’t they sexy? Of course, you probably shouldn’t actually try to scuba in a 40-year-old watch. The seals and stuff that make them waterproof… Continue reading

I Know Here

Last Sunday, we were hanging out with young Casey at Totstock. We spent a lot of time in the story telling tent. There we heard author Laurel Croza reading from her book I… Continue reading

For King and Empire: More Canada Day Finds

My Brother-in-law just met the Queen! And speaking of royalty, here’s a First World War love token with a Canadian forces emblem. It’s inscribed “United we stand for King and empire.” The locket… Continue reading

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