Do Over: Sterling and Opal Ring

One of the skills I learned when I took a silversmithing course at Organic Metal Gallery was how to bezel set stones. I have reverse engineered this skill a couple of times to… Continue reading

Fashion Blogging Brouhaha

There’s a story on Jezebel about a recent Ann Taylor event where bloggers were promised gift cards in return for favourable reviews. Just so you guys know where I’m coming from, I do… Continue reading

Give Me More Liberty

You guys know I have a thing for Liberty of London, right? And you know I have a thing for Target. So when my friend Jessica told me about Liberty’s upcoming collaboration with… Continue reading

Interview With A Beauty Scientist: Dr. Rolanda Johnson

The folks at Olay were kind enough to send along some samples of the newest products from Regenerist and Pro-X. 10 years ago, I could not have imagined products like these. They feature… Continue reading

Find Of The Month: Modernist Malachite Ring

I like big rings and I cannot lie. I also love green stones like malachite. Oh, and I love crazy studio jewellery (aka, jewellry that is made by independant silversmiths and artisans). This… Continue reading

Blame It On The Rain

Ah the rainy weather of the past few days has turned to snow. And since we’re talking about the weather anyway, please enjoy this video I found on the internets.

Vera Bradley’s Girly Bags

Whenever I’m in an airport or train station in the States, I’m always struck by the number of young ladies confidently swinging their brightly patterned, quilted Vera Bradley tote bags though the check… Continue reading

Organic Objects: Coral

Let’s do coral today. Pictured above is a detail of a Victorian Branch Coral Necklace. Coral is created from the exoskeletons of marine organisms that grow in branch or antler-like formations. Like pearls,… Continue reading

Do Over: Framing Ephemera

I like a nice art. I do like to go to the galleries and take in all the beauty I can. When you go to galleries, artists often leave behind postcards and posters… Continue reading

Organic Objects: Butterfly Wings

This is one of the more unusual organic materials in my jewellery collections. It is a sweater clip. It was made in the 1950s or early 1960s. Back then, the way to wear… Continue reading

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