Ninth Day of Christmas

Nine Swiss Watches.

Eighth Day of Christmas

Eight Buch + Deichmanns.

Seventh Day of Christmas

Seven Bakelite bangles.

All New Review: Clairol Root Touch Up

Hardly a new product, but I’ve never used Clairol Root Touch Up before. However, being a procrastinator and all, I failed to secure the services of my colourist before the holiday rush. And… Continue reading

Sixth Day of Christmas

Six Finnish korut. (Okay the seal pendant is Norwegian and is a stand in for the new Elis Kauppi ring that I just found on Tuesday–pictures to come!) UPDATE: Here’s the new ring!… Continue reading

US Time Cinderella Watch

When I was little, I had a Cinderella watch which I broke by overwinding and breaking the mainspring. I may have made things worse by taking it apart trying to fix it with… Continue reading

Fifth Day of Christmas

Five Wedgwood things.

Do Over: Baltic Amber Necklace

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but the Baltic peoples have worn amber jewelry for its decorative and its natural analgesic properties for centuries. That’s why they make teething necklaces for babies out of… Continue reading

Fourth Day of Christmas

Four shell cameos.

Best of 2010: Favourite Tops

While I love the vintage, sometimes I actively seek out new things. These are my three favourites. From left to right: Rodarte for Target net blouse (I know it was from December 2009,… Continue reading

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