Midweek Modness: Hroar Prydz Norway Butterfly Tie Tack and Brooch

I found this pretty little tie tack (pictured above) at the Sally Ann in Southampton last September. It is by Norwegian silversmith Hroar Prydz (what a name!). These basse-taille butterflies were insanely popular… Continue reading

Do Over: Frame Your Wallpaper

Yesterday, I hung wallpaper for the first time in my life. I papered our bathroom in the vintage fairy print I found at the Value Village a month ago. It was quite a… Continue reading

More Cocktails

I thought I’d share a few more oversized rings before I retire them during mitt season. The one above is gold and synthetic amethyst. The one below is a Russian silver and amber… Continue reading

Sidewalk Finds and Other Free Stuff

The streets are once again paved with free stuff. I’ve actually been avoiding bringing home things I find on the street for a couple of reasons: I already have too much stuff and… Continue reading

Regrets I’ve Had Very Few

I like hunting for vintage watches and jewellery. Because of my hunting methods, I will brag about scoring a particular deal or I will feel a sense of accomplishment for bagging a rare… Continue reading

Smokey Gets In My Eyes

I’ve been a busy bee of late. I’m way behind on cataloging my vintage jewels. Heck, I’m way behind on my vintage jewel hunting. Not finding fantastic new bijoux every week has, however,… Continue reading

Little Charles Horner

I have long wanted an example of Charles Horner’s Arts & Crafts necklaces. But considering that they sell for thousands of dollars, I’ll have to make due with this Dorcas Thimble. In olden… Continue reading

Moral Coral

In the last week I’ve liberated two pink coral necklaces from the Value Village — both for under $4. The torsade with a gilt silver clasp was in a bag o’ broken jewelry… Continue reading

The Real McCoy

I made an early-morning jaunt to the Value Village on Tuesday. The first thing that I espied was this McCoy planter. Before you assume I have an eagle-eye, you should know that I… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: A. Lautz Norway Seal Pendant

Look at this adorable 830 silver seal pendant. I feel a special bond with seals — perhaps because grandmother’s family is much linked to the sealing industry. In fact, when she was a… Continue reading

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