Mighty Cobra Clutch

Indulged in a little retail therapy on my way home from work Thursday night. Picked up this 1970s-era snakeskin purse. It looks like it had a handle originally, but one could still carry… Continue reading

Brush (Your Clothes) With Greatness

Over at Jezebel, there’s an interesting (and graphic) post about how to extend the life of your jewellery. Which reminded me that I want to write some stuff about extending the life of… Continue reading

Silver Soviet Amber Ring

Two ring posts in a row? With all the attention being paid to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, why not? This ring was made in the Soviet Union sometime between the end of WWII… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Finnish Brass Ring

This ring pretty much encapsulates mid-century Finnish jewellery design. It has one foot in Bronze Age Viking brutalism plus a hippy dippy free form feeling. I don’t know who designed it — it’s… Continue reading

My Favourite Things: Toe Socks

Speaking of The Drake General Store, I was overjoyed to discover that they are selling tabi and toe socks. These are my two favourite kinds of socks in the whole world! While I… Continue reading

Men’s Corner with Mr. Andrew: Field Notes

Andrew is a devoted follower of the Chicago-based design shop Coudal Partners. He turned me onto their awesome blog. Coudal has collaborated with the Draplin Design Company to create Field Notes — memo… Continue reading

Remembrance Day Part 2

Another memory — A locket with a picture of my Grandma and my great uncle Howard in his Canadian Expeditionary Force uniform. Howard gave this locket to my great grandmother before he shipped… Continue reading

To Remember is to End All War

For Remembrance Day, I am rerunning this First World War love token with a Canadian forces emblem. It’s inscribed “United we stand for King and empire.” The locket slides open to reveal a… Continue reading

Lost And Found

A couple of months ago, I think back in August, I was doing a watch cull and decided to sell some Bulovas on eBay. I sold an Accutron Quartz to a gentleman in… Continue reading

Do Over: Remembrance Day

I found a ceramic poppy earring. I took the earring post off and glued a pinback on the back. It fell off. I did it again. Hopefully it will hold up until November… Continue reading

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