Owl Lady

As I mentioned yesterday, I spend a lot of time with my parents as they both have experienced various health issues over the last year or so. I get my love of art and of making things from my mom and dad. I also inherited my hoarder-y tendencies to collect and research from them. But the biggest thing they share with me is their knowledge.

I’ve been working on a series of paintings and sculptures that deal with transformation. It seems fitting that as my folks are dealing with a lot of changes in their lives, they are still sharing their passions with me. In the case of this Topsy Turvy doll, my dad has been teaching me wood carving techniques. This is the first sculpture I’ve made using a dremel tool! And I used scraps of fabric from my mom’s quilting to create the skirt part of the doll.

The doll is a young lady. Flip her over and she transforms into a wise old owl.

Topsy Turvy Owl Transformation