Thrift Trip To Dresden

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I was in Dresden last week. When I got there, I discovered that there are lots of secondhand shops and flea markets. But because I there for work (on project I can’t share too much about yet), I didn’t have a lot of time to explore. I was able to carve out a few hours to check out a few thrift shops and the Saturday Morning Flea Market (Elbesflohmarkt)on the banks of the River Elbe. I was hoping to score watches and jewels, but my only vintage purchase was this antique jewellery presentation box. It’s a fine souvenir as it is signed Heinrich Mau Dresden on the inside and it only cost 2.50 Euros.

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Here are my notes on Dresden style: Fashion-wise, folks tend to favour a “women in the arts” vibe. But design-wise, there were fantastic examples of the Bauhaus/Deiter Rams philosophy of form over function. I discovered a cool discount store called Pfennigpfieffer. It had an amazing stationery section, where I picked up this German-made Online fountain pen for 9 Euros (and plenty of refills at 1 Euro for a package of 6), some make your own postcards for 50 Euro cents (which I sadly forgot in my hotel room) and a bunch of Smurfette tissues for 1 Euro (for my friend Alison).

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My own personal look for Dresden was influenced by minimalism — both in form and function (I like to limit my luggage to a carry on and basics take up less room). Before I left, I picked up a pair of faux wool trousers and a grey top from Old Navy (Not that thrifty, pictured above right)). When I got there, there was a change in plan that required the purchase of an extra outfit. I hit the sale rack at the nearby H & M and got a tube skirt (5 Euros) a faux neoprene leopard print top (3 Euros) and a pair of leggings (10 Euros).