Travel Times

75F39978-878F-4B16-9BE3-00433F87A46A.jpegHello! I am in Berlin. This month has been the most travel-packed month I’ve ever had and so I am constantly tweaking my travel packing.

This trip is short so I experimented  with going away for four days with just a backpack. I got this Herschel rucksack at the Vancouver airport on my way back from Las Vegas because the strap of the leather tote snapped en route (I will get it fixed when I get back to Toronto because it is essentially the perfect carry all).

AE9D2C28-3D0B-404C-A30C-9C8C4238A474.jpegI also found a leather fanny pack at a dusty old hardware store near our house. I was looking for one to carry all my travel documents and things and because they are sort of fashionable at the moment (if you wear it as a cross body and not as a bum bag.

So how did the experiment work! Getting here it was perfect. I was able to carry four changes of clothing, a book, all of my phone cables, chargers, toiletries and batteries in the back pack. And the rest of my gear fit neatly into the Fanny pack.

The only issue is that I didn’t pack enough (I didn’t account for travel days). So I bought two shirts, a hoodie and new sandals. Will have to do a repackaging this morning to see if I need to buy a weekender to get back home.