French Letters

DDB3D191-A398-4F7F-8263-10A9DC9FC26EI saved up all my money (except for the stuff I bought at the Dufferin Mall) so I could do a bit of shopping in Paris. The only problem with this plan is that I was there for work and I never really had time to hit the stores.

My number one goal for this trip was to hit the Monoprix, a sort of French Target. There was a location near our hotel so I hot footed over there during a break in the itinerary. I got two fountain pens: A Parker Vector and a hot pink Waterman. I love that in Europe, fountain pens are so prevelant that you can find such a wide selection  for under 20 Euros. I would have bought more but I am trying to be cool with the stationery acquisitions.


And I found this dress on the sale rack. It was just about the only thing in the store that fit me. It’s a bit summery but I reckon I can wear a long sleeved tshirt underneath for fall.