Carré Okay

D89D22CD-449E-4B04-8F87-714BB852BC7DI am always on the lookout for fun, free things to do. Last week, Hermès hosted a pop up Carré Club on Bloor Street. The event featured all kinds of artists plying their trades, plus limited edition scarves, photo booths and a cute café. I love all things Hermès, so I went twice!4A8E8D40-4BF4-4F43-8482-0186F7BD4CD8it’s infinitely intriguing to me to watch artists at work. Here, for example, is Gianpaulo Pagni, handstamping silk scarves. The result has a very Op Art effect. If you had a tired or discoloured fabric, this would be a great way to refresh it. Fun fact: carré means square as in a square scarf.

F8DF9475-039D-419A-826A-889445B7633AArtist Cyrillie Diatkine was also on hand doing portraits of patrons. This is the real reason I went twice. I really wanted a drawing. But I was also busy this weekend picking up watches for photo shoots and did not have the time or endurance to brave the two hour lineup. Diatkine has a great way with a line and even though they are quick sketches, they still seemed to capture the essence of the subject.