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Shopping Safari

Rings, crystal balls and shoes

Kitchener Walkabout

Downtown — Everything’s waiting for you!

Birki Buy

I have not bought into the whole Normcore thing. But while I was out and about on Monday, my faithful duck shoes gave up the ghost. That’s right, the last five months been… Continue reading

Spring In My Step

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Dollarama to purchase some stationary (I swear) when I spotted these nice, stripey shoes. It was about minus 20°C and I had a delusional… Continue reading

New New Balance

Pinky toes.

Sidewalk Finds: The Blues

…and to top it all off, almost everything was the same colour.

I Found an Art: Vintage Pen and Ink Shoe Illustration

I’ve always admired old fashion illustrations — from the fancy washes of a Joe Eula watercolour for Halston to the more humble gouache made for catalogues or prototypes. But I have always admired… Continue reading

Hudson’s Bay 2013 Holiday Collection

Stripe heaven

Sidewalk Find: Boots

Found footwear

Lord & Taylor Liberty Fabric Tromblay High Tops

Sale rack specials: Now is the best time to shop!

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