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No More Cabs For Cutie

The picture above is of some fake NYC cabs used in a filmed televisual program they were shooting across the street from the office I’ve been working at for the last eight months.… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Soviet Era Earrings

My own, self-imposed thrift club rule is that no Find of the Month can cost more that $36. It also has to be pretty awesome. The earings, stamped with soviet-era Russian Assay marks… Continue reading

50 + Years of Fragrances: Promotion

One of the coolest things about Fritsch Fragrance is that at one time it was probably the most mod store in all of Kitchener Waterloo. When you peek in the window, you can… Continue reading

50 + Years of Fragrance: Manly Yes!

When I was in K-W for Easter, I stopped by a shop called Fritsch Fragrance. A pharmacy that opened in 1959, it has pretty much operated as a beauty and cosmetics boutique since… Continue reading

Souvenirs: The Niagara Falls Collection

I’m obsessed with Niagara Falls. I love the thunderous awesomeness of this natural wonder. I love the fact that man has harnessed its power to create electricity. And what can I say, I… Continue reading

April Fool: Some Old Finds That I Got Wrong

Did a little more research on some recent finds (informally, I visited some dealers) and just wanted to provide an update: The brooch pictured above is a real pink topaz, but alas, not… Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor (1932 – 2011)

No tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor could pass without some mention of her celebrated jewelry collection. Yesterday, her gems were valued at $150 million and are going to be auctioned off to raise… Continue reading

Retro Lucite Shoe Clips

Soon it will be warm enough to wear pumps again. And then I can dress up my shoes with these lovely lucite shoe clips that I got from Veronika Swartz‘s indoor garage sale… Continue reading

Ancient Chinese Secret: Jade Roller

Some say that jade improves circulation. So it stands to reason that if you rolled jade on your face, it would stimulate blood flow, which would help with skin regeneration and create a… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Studio Copper Flower Brooch

What is studio jewelry? I think that it’s hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewellery. When I was a kid, we would go to Aberfoyle, and there would be all these artisans making pretty pins like the… Continue reading

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