Collections Week: Navajo Jewellery

As some of you know, I am 1/8th Innu. I never come across Innu jewellery at the Value Village. Sometimes I’ll find some examples of Zuni style inlay or maybe the odd Hopi… Continue reading

Mid Collections Week Modness: Sterling Toronto-Dominion Centre Charm

Since it’s Collections Week, I thought I’d share my future collection plans. I want to make a “Monsters of Modernism” charm bracelet, starting with this miniature model of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe‘s… Continue reading

Collections Week: Buch + Deichmann

In the eighties, I had a truckload of Buch + Deichmann barrettes. Not only do they look cool, but they are the only barrettes that would hold my locks in place. But hair… Continue reading

Collections Week: Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Coats

Last Week, Jessica surprised me with the gift of a beautiful blue Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Coat. It is fantabulous and it fits me! It’s the same double-breasted style as my red coat.… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Fortis Mini Flipper Watch

The month isn’t quite over, but I’m guessing that I probably won’t find anything else as awesome as this Fortis Mini Flipper watch. The original Flipper was designed as a dive watch and… Continue reading

Collections Week: Bakelite Jewellery

I find myself with so much vintage stuff that I have amassed mini collections of stuff without even trying. So I thought I’d talk about some of my sets this week. At one… Continue reading

Mid Week Modness: Jean-Claude Darveau Necklace

I’ve written before about the great Canadian Modernist jewellery designers such as Robert Larin, de Passillé-Sylvestre, Guy (or Giles) Vidal and Rafael Alfandary. There’s one designer I haven’t written about before, although his… Continue reading

All New Review: L’Oréal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour

The folks at L’Oréal sent me a few samples of the Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour, $14. It’s a two step lipstick involving a shimmery basecoat and and a vitamin E infused conditioner.… Continue reading

Deposé France French Celluloid Brooch

Found this cute ’lil French celluloid brooch lurking in a bag of broken jewelry at the Value Village. It’s actually two disks set on top of one another to create depth. The back… Continue reading

Sunday Shopping Coming Down

Sunday morning I decided to get out of the house early and do stuff before the Santa Clause Parade cleaved the city in two. I went to the St. Lawrence Antique Market, but… Continue reading

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