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Freebie Friday: Sidewalk Haul

Free Clergerie

Freebie Friday: Stick Back Sidewalk Score

Mid Century Seating

Freebie Friday: Bottle Rack

Do you know me?

Freebie Friday: Satchels, Shoes and Booze

Fancy freebies

Freebie Friday: More Frames, More Books

A summation of this week’s sidewalk finds

Sidewalk Finds — Culture Edition

The streets are paved with free stuff.

Sidewalk Finds: The Blues

…and to top it all off, almost everything was the same colour.

Freebie Friday: Scarf, Old Box and a Brooch

Stuff that I found on the sidewalk

Sidewalk Finds: Moderne Vase, Side Table and Umbrella Stand

Summer = Garage Sales = People who don’t want to haul stuff back into their houses = free stuff on the sidewalk. Pictured above are some of the useful and decorative items I… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: No Lion, No Witch, Just Wardrobe

An interesting feature of Downtown Toronto housing — especially in pre-Edwardian buildings — is that there are not a lot of closets. We have exactly one closet in our house. Which is why… Continue reading

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