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Hello Yellow

While I still haven’t found my dream ruffled yellow cardigan and my favourite patent yellow Birkenstocks have tragically fallen apart, I still have lots of other sunny accessories to cheer me up. From… Continue reading

Oranges and Peaches

Last weekend was crummy and rainy and snowy and cold. I warmed myself up by taking out some fun, citrussy accessories. First up, the peachy resin bangle pictured above. Saturday I sported the… Continue reading

Vintage Ivory Lariat Necklace

On one hand, the less I say about my collection of Ivory jewellery the better. On the other hand, I just keep finding it at the Value Village for like $2. I’d guess… Continue reading

So Boho: Apple and Black Coral Necklaces

Ran into my friend Jane a couple of weeks ago. Admitted that I had a “jewellery problem.” That problem is that I sometimes hunt for jewellery to feed the blog. Admitting that I… Continue reading

Favorite Things: Sterling Silver Bow Ring

This wee tiny bow ring is one of my favourites because it’s like wearing a string around your finger to remind you of something. I wear it to remind me to look on… Continue reading

Three Ring Circus

I got three new rings today. These purchases were guided by two very different style icons. The first is Patti Smith. I just finished reading her book Just Kids. In several passages she… Continue reading

Would You Rather: Arc de Triomphe or Kirpan?

Feeling crafty tonight. I found this Kirpan pendant at the Value Village tonight (along with a Los Castillo Taxco jewellery pouch — too bad I can’t afford any Los Castillo jewellery) My first… Continue reading

Smokey Gets In My Eyes

I’ve been a busy bee of late. I’m way behind on cataloging my vintage jewels. Heck, I’m way behind on my vintage jewel hunting. Not finding fantastic new bijoux every week has, however,… Continue reading

Distressed Rings

If they can sell pre-shredded jeans, does that mean intentionally distressed jewellery can be far behind? Pictured above are two very well loved rings that I found at the St. Lawrence Market. I… Continue reading

Vintage Jewellery Ads From 1985

I bought a Victoria & Albert Album from 1985 to help me research antique and retro clothing and jewellery. Since the book is 25 years old itself, I realized that the fashions and… Continue reading

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