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I Have A Towel Problem

Know Where Your Towel Is


More watches and pens

Write Stuff

High notes

Patched In

Sew what?

Promo Pieces

Picked up a few freebies whilst out and about last week, including these postcard/sticker sheets at the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule exhibition at Union Square (which is also free). And here’s a purple… Continue reading

Do Over: Messika Key Chain Conversion

On the move.

Desk Set Jet Set

These posts from Baselworld will never end

Tattoo Me

I was in Miami Beach last week, working on some watch-related stories and checking out the Art Basel scene.It was a heady week, a lot of crazy stuff went down and I got… Continue reading

Glittering Prizes

Heart racing style

Coachella Style

 I was in California to write about watches, specifically the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch (you can read my story here). Being able to spend a weekend talking timepieces, checking out some of… Continue reading

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