Bag Productions Week: Kimono Fabric Purse

This is a pretty little Purse I found at the Goodwill Buy the Pound a few years back. It’s covered in what looks like kimono fabric. I picture myself in the summer time,… Continue reading

Deco, I’m Not Done With You Yet

We were talking about the Deco era last week, so I thought I’d share this pretty early ’40s locket. It has vestiges of the Streamline Deco (radiating lines and a highly polished finish),… Continue reading

Bag Productions Week: LeSportsac

I am a big fan of LeSportsac sacks. I love their durable parachute nylon finish. I love their cool prints. And I love their roomy designs (even though I can never retrieve my… Continue reading

Bag Productions Week: Whiting & Davis Purses

I like purses. I like enamelled things. So naturally I am drawn to vintage Whiting & Davis bags — especially those made in the 70s and 80s. This metal mesh manufactory has been… Continue reading

Girls on Film

If you’ve ever wondered how ladies from the 1920s might have looked goofing around in front of camera, this Kodak colour test footage from 1922 might answer your question. Gorgeous, pre-flapper clothes… amazing… Continue reading

Streamline Moderne: Rise of the Machine Age

As the 1920s turned into the 1930s, Art Deco design evolved into a style known as Streamline Moderne (or just moderne or streamline). It emphasized shiny surfaces, curved forms and horizontal planes. In… Continue reading

Window Shopping: Old Timey Little Hipstertown

I found this photo of the corner of Queen and Manning on the City of Toronto Archives. It is from 1900. As you know, this was the scene of last May’s Victoria Day… Continue reading

Twelfth Day of Christmas

12 Snakey Jewelries.

Midweek Modness: Buch + Deichmann Brooch and Bangle

Two bits of B+D that I picked up at The St. Lawrence Market last Sunday. Yet another bangle and a funny little brooch the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Yet it… Continue reading

Eleventh Day of Christmas

Eleven types of turquoise.

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